Virginia Man Arrested After Following VP Biden's Shotgun "Advice"

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Vice President Biden- Dangerous Moron!
They say that ignorance of the law is no excuse.  But, what if the advice you got was from the 2nd most powerful man in the country?
Vice President Joe "Plugs" Biden has been going around telling folks that if somebody is trying to break into your home that you should go out on your balcony and fire two rounds into the air, as well as saying that the good thing about a shotgun is that you can  "just fire the shotgun through your door" to keep would-be intruders at bay.
The problem with that, as one man found out, is that both of these little tidbits of advice from the idiot Biden are illegal.
One more example that you can't trust one damn thing that either Obama or Biden tell you - and it may even get you arrested!

by AWR HAWKINS  3 Mar 2013

During the past few days and weeks, VP Joe Biden has been passing out advice on how to use a shotgun--the problem is, much of what he has advised is against the law. Virginia Beach resident Trevor Snowden found this out the hard way when he fired "a shotgun through the door" and faced charges for "reckless handling of a firearm."
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Biden: Go on balcony and fire off two blasts

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