Obama Forces Netanyahu to Apologize To Turkey for Defending Themselves

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We may now have a better understanding of why Barack Obama made his trip to Israel.  Al Jazeera is reporting that Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has called the Turkish Prime Minister to apologize for "operational errors" during the raid on a Gaza flotilla ship in 2010, perhaps using U.S. support to stand with Israel on Iran as leverage.

Weapons seized from "peace activists" of the Free Gaza Flotilla
During the raid, Israeli forces were attacked with metal pipes, slingshots, and bags filled with marbles as they dropped onto the deck from helicopters.  During the skirmish, 9 Turkish activists of the so-called "humanitarian" Flotilla were killed, while 7 Israeli Naval commandos were injured.

Sounds like Obama's apology tour continues, with Netanyahu his apology surrogate.

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