The Obama's: Lifestyles of the Elitist and Entitled

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Obama's 1% Lifestyle
We've all been told that we have to have "some skin in the game". Unbeknownst to us, that means kicking in on sending the Obama's jet-setting around the country and globe on a seeming never-ending number of R&R destinations.

While American families are making plans for "stay-cations",and poring over their budgets trying to make ends meet, Barack Obama and his family have kicked their vacation schedule into high gear. Even as Obama has cancelled White House tours, reportedly to save $18K/week during the sequester, the President and his family have been on a vacation spree, averaging one vacation per month in 2013.

First there was their annual vacation in Hawaii at the first of the year, where the Bamster spent nine days of fun-in-sun golfing, body surfing, and eating shave ice, with his daughters and Michelle.

In February, Michelle headed for the jet-setting Aspen for a ski vacation with Sasha and Malia.  At the same time, the President headed to Florida for a golf date with Tiger Woods.

Now it is being reported that the Obama daughters are in the Bahama's, at the famous Atlantis Resort for some much needed Spring Break down time after their grueling ski trip to Aspen.

For someone who disparages the 1% as often as he can, he and his family certainly enjoy living the lifestyle in that rarefied air - particularly when the tab is being paid by the American taxpayers.

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