WH Admin Threatens Media, Calls Female Reporters "Bi***h", "C**t", "A**hole"

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Beat the press
Reporters reveal how the Obama administration threatens and controls the media
Last Updated: 1:17 AM, March 3, 2013 Posted: 10:30 PM, March 2, 2013

As coverage of last week’s flare-up between Bob Woodward and the White House devolved into the granular parsing of words and implications and extrapolations and possible intent, the larger point was roundly missed: the increasing pressure that White House correspondents feel when dealing with the Obama administration — to follow their narrative, to be properly deferential (!), to react to push-back by politely sitting down and shutting up.
“The whole Woodward thing doesn’t surprise me at all,” says David Brody, chief political correspondent for CBN News. “I can tell you categorically that there’s always been, right from the get-go of this administration, an overzealous sensitivity to any push-back from any media outlet.”
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