WHAT!! Romney Response To Super PAC: Woman Would Have Lived Under 'RomneyCare'

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Romney Communications Director Andrea Saul
If Mitt Romney wants to win this Presidential election, they better be ready to take the damn gloves off, or this race is over.  
From Romney aide Andrea Saul, in response to the Super Pac ad which claims that Mitt Romney is responsible for a woman who died of cancer, and doesn't really care that she did, comes this:

“If people had been in Massachusetts under Gov. Romney’s healthcare plan, they would have had healthcare,”

Are you KIDDING me?!  Is this moron, Andrea Saul, trying to lose the election?

This has got to be the most impotent response that she could have given!  Granted, she said the ads were "low" and "despicable", but then she cites RomneyCare? I'm sure that the Obama people are laughing their collective asses off at this limp-wristed response to an accusation that Mitt Romney killed this woman.

These people play for keeps!  They tossed her a softball with the bases loaded, and she completely whiffed it!!

How about something like this from the Romney camp:

"These accusations are completely ridiculous, and completely defamatory.  To lay blame on Mitt Romney and Bain Capital for this tragedy is ludicrous.  The fact is, this woman had health insurance for two years after her husband was laid off, during which time she may have been diagnosed in the early stages, but chose NOT to tell her family (her husbands suspicions, not mine).  Do you want to talk about deaths?  How about Officer Brian Terry and the hundreds of Mexicans murdered due to the Obama Justice Department's "Operation Fast and Furious"?  Should Obama be held responsible for that?  How about the millions of people who have lost their jobs since Barack Obama became President, and who have lost their health insurance as a result.  How many of those people have had family members die due to lack of health insurance?  You want to talk deaths!  We're willing to have that debate!"

IT's a known fact that Obama and his surrogates are going to hit below the belt.  Hell, they won't even condemn this ad. Mitt Romney and his team need to be able to come back with their own shots that are going to take this guys head off, not lay in the corner.

If they're going to continue to respond like they just did, then just concede the election now, and save us the pain of watching the John McCain campaign, Part Two.

Mitt Romney aide cites Mass. healthcare law to criticize super-PAC ad
By Jonathan Easley - 08/08/12 12:26 PM ET

The spokeswoman was responding to an ad linking Romney to the death of a woman who couldn't afford cancer treatments.

Mitt Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul cited the Massachusetts healthcare law, which the Obama campaign has called the template for the Affordable Care Act, while attacking a controversial new super-PAC ad.
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