New Ad: Romney, Bain Capital Now Responsible For Deaths

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If the Obama campaign and his Super PAC surrogates are having a race to see who can get to the bottom of the political cesspool first, there is a new leader. Priorities USA, an Obama Super PAC, has released an ad which essentially blames Mitt Romney for being the cause of death for a woman who passed away from cancer.

Priorities USA Hit Piece Ad

According to the Washington Post, the man in the ad is one Joe Soptic, who was laid off from his job from his job at GST Steel in 2001, when the company filed for bankruptcy.  This was a full year after Romney had left Bain Capital.  Mr Soptic's wife passed away from the illness in 2006.  Mr. Soptic claims that he lost his insurance when the plant closed, and was unable to get insurance.  She, however, had insurance through her employer up until 2003.  Mr Soptic also says that he thinks his wife knew she had cancer before she got sick, but was afraid to say anything because of the lack of insurance.  I feel sorry for this man's loss, but this guy is not just your average Joe six-pack that this PAC happened to stumble across.  If he looks familiar, he should.

Joe Soptic on DemocracyNOW with Amy Goodman

According to the Washington Examiner, he showed up back in May in an Obama ad blasting Bain for losing his job, and was unable to put his daughter through college.  He also complained to the leftist show DemocracyNOW that his pension was cut by $400/mo., which contradicted an earlier claim that the amount was $283/mo.  Whatever the amount, this guy is an Obama hack, and he is being trotted out to show how mean and cruel Mitt Romney is. Oh, did I mention that he said Bain was really mean to the union?  Did it occur to this guy that maybe he, and his union, might have some responsibility for the company going bankrupt?  That maybe the wages were over-inflated? Or maybe the benefits packages were too generous?  And that maybe because of some of these things, along with the price of steel plummeting during that time, the company couldn't produce a product which could be competitively priced on the global market, and still make a profit?  Just a thought.

One of two things is going on with this guy.  One, he is just a grieving widower, who is looking for someone, anyone, to blame for a series of unfortunate circumstances that have affected his whole life, and has decided to blame Mitt Romney for the situation he now finds himself in, and is being used by the Obama people.

OR, as I tend to think, Mr. Soptic is a partisan union hack getting his fifteen minutes of fame.

Regardless, this new Obama ad sets a new low for the 2012 campaign season, and one which will be difficult to sink lower than.  Not that Obama and his surrogates aren't entirely capable of getting even deeper into the muck.

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