National Review Says 'Bring It On' To Climategate Scientist Lawsuit

Posted by Brian
My suggestion to Michael Mann: "Be careful what you wish for."

 AUGUST 22, 2012 1:15 P.M.
English: Michael E. Mann
Michael E. Mann, creator of the discredited 'hockey stick' graph (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Get Lost
My response to Michael Mann.
By Rich Lowry

So, as you might have heard, Michael Mann of Climategate infamy is threatening to sue us.  Mann is upset — very, very upset — with this Mark Steyn Corner post, which had the temerity to call Mann’s hockey stick “fraudulent.” The Steyn post was mild compared with other things that have been said about the notorious hockey stick, and, in fact, it fell considerably short of an item about Mann published elsewhere that Steyn quoted in his post.
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