President 'Strawman' Obama Resurrects Romney Dog On Car Story

Posted by Brian

National embarrassment Barack Obama, unable to defend his own failed policies, is back to dredging up years-old stories.  In an apparent reference to the story of Mitt Romney placing his dog, which was safely inside a container, on the roof of the family car when they went on vacation in 1983, Obama attempted to deflect attention from his war on coal and oil, and defending his policy of wind, solar power, and ethanol subsidies.

Obama's promise of causing coal plants "to go bankrupt" is well underway. About 100 out the nation's over 500 coal plants are due to shut down in the next few years.  While Obama is flippantly talking about Romney's dog, thousands of jobs are on the cutting block in this struggling economy. Also missing from his message is the drastic increase in electric rates that consumers will pay as a large percentage of the power is removed from the nation's power grid, thus creating an electricity shortage.  So, on top of paying a lot more for your electricity, many Americans can expect to see more rolling brownouts for their financial troubles.

Obama is left with these home-spun straw-men stories to assuage his zombie-like followers,  because he knows that he can't tout his own policies.  So, we are left with jokes about Mitt Romney and his dog.

The one thing that we can be reasonably assured of is that Mitt Romney won't be talking about Barack Obama shopping his new book around, the sure to be bestseller "101 Ways to Wok Your Dog".

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