Obama Campaign Feigns Ignorance, But Worked with Steelworker Back In May

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To steal a line: Stephanie Cutter, You LIE!  As with nearly everything else associated with the Obama campaign, her entire interview is based on lies.  To her credit, she was prepared for the question from CNN, as given away by her knowing smirk before the question was even out of the interviewers mouth.
However, even CNN isn't buying the lies in this Super PAC ad, or that the Obama campaign denies knowing anything about them.

How convenient that the Obama people, including Cutter, were in contact with this Democrat hack, Joe Soptic, and a couple of months later - SHAZAM! - he shows up in this Obama Super PAC hit piece.  And we are supposed to believe there is absolutely NO collusion between the campaign and the Super PAC (which is illegal)?  Even the lib mainstream media isn't buying this pig.

Video: Obama campaign now pretending it didn’t know details of steelworker’s story — after featuring him in two ads

Via Politico. Remember, thanks to the lame legal fictions of campaign finance law, the Obama campaign is forced to pretend that the Obama Super PAC responsible for yesterday’s smear heard ’round the world is entirely independent of it rather than a wholly owned subsidiary. What you’re about to see is the absurdity of that fiction taken to its logical conclusion. So eager is lifelike talking-points robot Stephanie Cutter to keep the campaign’s fingerprints off the cheap lies in the PAC ad that she claims at 4:00 below not to know the facts about when Soptic’s wife got sick or when she died. Minor problem: The campaign itself featured Soptic in not one but two ads several months ago and had him tell the story of his wife’s death after he lost his insurance during a conference call with — ta da — Stephanie Cutter.
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