Obama's Latest Amnesty Plan Won't Prosecute For ID Theft

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Obama has, with the stroke of a pen, effectively eliminated the sovereign borders of the U.S.

Illegal immigrants convicted of felonies/misdemeanors will be granted deferred action, as will illegals who have repeatedly entered the US illegally, traffic violations are effectively "decriminalized", and possession and use of stolen or fake SSN's is decriminalized.  IF you are an illegal alien.  If you're a US citizen, these are all still crimes.

Seeing as how President Barack Obama is himself in possession on an illegal SSN# from Connecticut (funny how the MSM has zero curiosity of why Obama has a fraudulent SSN), he feels that its only fair not to punish illegal aliens for stealing SSN's either.

Obama Prepares Yet Another Amnesty Measure For Illegal Aliens
August 7, 2012 | Filed under: Florida Review | Posted by: Javier Manjarres

As expected, President Obama continues to accelerate his efforts to pander to the Latino community through yet another unilateral executive grant of amnesty to illegal immigrants. Fox News is reporting that they’ve obtained an internal document detailing how the Department of Homeland Security “plans to implement what critics say amounts to an amnesty policy for what could be more than one million illegal immigrants.”

What’s most telling about this report is what U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) told Fox News about the use of “stolen and fraudulent Social Security numbers” by these same illegal aliens.  According to Sessions, he believes that illegal immigrants using stolen Social Security numbers will not be prosecuted.
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  1. Thank God Obama isn't allowed to run for office again!! There is obviously something fundamentally wrong with Obama and that will never change and unfortunately this puts us in a position where we have to fend for ourselves. My biggest concern here is the identity theft that goes on with our children by these illegals. The president doesn't have a problem with this, so if you need to hire an outside private agency to help protect and monitor your children's identity than do so. Prevention and early detection will be a big help! Thanks. Here is some info that may help: http://kidsandidtheft.eu.pn/