WARNING! EXTREME VIOLENCE: Islamists Behead Christian Convert

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I cannot stress enough that you click on the link below and read the entire article BEFORE watching this video.  What is shown is the butchering of a man who's only "crime" is that he converted to Christianity, and refused to renounce his new faith.  This is the mentality of the Islamists whom, we are told, we are supposed to have tolerance and respect for.  If you decide to watch this video, I would welcome those who would like to tell me HOW there are those who would make a moral equivalence between this religion and any of the other mainstream religions.  What you see in this video is medieval in its barbarism.
There are those who will say, "But these Islamists only make up but a small percentage of Muslims".  Fair enough.  There are roughly 1 Billion Muslims in the world today. Say that only 5% of them fall into the category of "Islamist".  That would mean there are 50 million Islamists who believe exactly as these butchers in this video.  If you say that's too high, use 1%. That's still 10 million Islamists running around who adhere to this belief.  To put that in perspective, there are approximately 1.4 million people in the U.S. military on active duty.  An additional 800,000 plus are in the active reserves.  Meanwhile, we have people in our government who are "cooperating" with groups like CAIR, which are proven to have close ties with the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. Guess which form of Islam the Muslim Brotherhood adheres to?
Let's not also forget that the vast majority of our Muslim chaplains in the government and the military have gotten their training and funding from the Saudi government, whose curriculum is grounded in the Wahhabism sect of Islam, the ultra-conservative form of Islam, which also funds the (surprise!) Muslim Brotherhood.  Wahhabism even considers Shia and some Sunni Muslims as infidels.  Our military chaplains are being trained by the Wahhabists, as are the vast majority of Muslim clerics who go into our prisons to recruit new followers and spread their violent form of Islam.  There are many who believe, myself included, that many of those who will eventually become "home-grown" Islamist terrorists will be discovered to have been recruited in the U.S. prison system.  What better way to turn someone, that to find those people who feel that they are already getting a raw deal from their country and government.
In addition to the aforementioned, our government, under the Obama Administration, is reaching out to those with direct ties to these Islamist groups and allowing them to review and expunge anything which they feel is critical of Islam from U.S. government training manuals!  Islamist friendly training!
Michelle Bachmann has been excoriated for starting a "witch hunt" for "daring" to bring up the FACT that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's aide, Huma Abedin, also has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Her mother is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood, which supports Hamas, and Ms. Abedin has developed strong ties with the Muslim Brotherhood's top sharia jurist, Sheik Yusef al-Qaradawi.
So it is that I post the following video (for those with the stomach to watch it), not to shock, but to present a graphic visual representation of what kind of animal that the Islamists are that we face.  I show it also to illustrate the danger and naivete of those in our government who take a "can't we all just get along" attitude towards an enemy who feel it is acceptable, and even "commanded" that they commit the kind of atrocity shown in the video.

WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC VIOLENCE - The beheading of convert to Christian in Tunisia
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This happened in June of this year and it’s horrible. Probably the most graphic thing I’ve ever seen. Before I provide a link to the video you should read Raymond Ibrahim’s description of the video and decide whether or not you want to view it:
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