Teacher Fired For Giving Autistic Student Hot Sauce Reinstated By Judge

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Fired Teacher Lilian Gomez soaked autistic students' crayons in hot sauce.
Obviously, there are good people who are trying to do the right thing, including firing or suspending teachers/administrators, as was done in this case.  Yet, time and again, these decisions are overridden by  the Teacher's Union or the courts.
Once again, the children get the short end of the stick, being stuck with an 'educator' who has no business being in charge of a room of kids, especially one with special needs children.

Judge: Florida Teacher Who Soaked Autistic Kid's Crayons in Hot Sauce Should Get Job Back
By ALYSSA NEWCOMB | Good Morning America – Sat, Aug 18, 2012

A Florida judge sided with a special needs teacher who allegedly used hot sauce to stop an autistic student from eating art supplies and recommended the school district reinstate the woman's job.
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