No More Mr. Nice Guy: Romney Has To Get Ugly, Attack Obama

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Barack Obama - First major party candidate to be endorsed by the
Communist Party in U.S. history!
If ever Mitt Romney needed to go full scorched-earth policy in this campaign, now is the time to do so. Barack Obama and his surrogates have made it crystal clear that facts and truthfulness have zero place in his run for reelection.  In fact, that is his entire history of political campaigning.  He destroys his opponents personally.

This punk needs to be bloodied up.

While claiming that he is not engaging in class warfare, Obama and his Super PAC's have gone all in on the class warfare meme in attacking Mitt Romney, and other GOP candidates around the country.  If anyone believes that the White House is not coordinating their message with these PACS, which is illegal under election laws, I have some prime real estate in Somalia to sell you.

Already having been caught in lies regarding the Super PAC ad, which fact-checkers have debunked as lies, accusing Romney as being responsible for the cancer death of a woman, the Obama team is doubling-down on the smear and releasing the ad anyway.

Now the Obama team is playing off the accusations by the despicable Harry Reid, that Romney paid no taxes for ten years.  This, despite the fact that there is absolutely ZERO evidence that Reid can produce to back up his accusation, or that he can not name a source.

Romney needs to take off the gloves and go brass knuckles on Obama.  The time has come to bloody this scumbag up.  Connect the dots for the American public on Obama's Marxist cohorts and mentors, and Obama's membership and participation a democrat-socialist (read: communist) third-party called the "New Party" (video below).  Show how Obama got physically abusive with a woman, as he pointed out in his own book.  Bring up Obama's alleged homosexual trysts in Chicago, and how not one, but three gay men associated with Obama mysteriously died (two were killed execution-style) when Obama began his political career. Go after Obama's prolific use of drugs, including cocaine and crack, throughout his life. How about the FACT that the Communist Party USA has endorsed Barack Obama for president in 2012!  Not the leftist Green Party candidate, or some other leftist candidate, but Barack Obama!  They don't even see fit to run their own candidate, because Barack Obama fits the bill.

Even if some of this cannot be thoroughly vetted, there are reams more evidence for these charges than for the evidence-free accusations being aimed at Mitt Romney.

Remember:  It's the Democrats that tell us, "It's not the nature of the evidence, it's the seriousness of the charge".

New Obama Ad Questions Whether Romney Paid Taxes 
August 10, 2012 8:32 AM

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is launching a new ad that questions whether rival Mitt Romney paid any income taxes in the past.

The ad shows footage from a Romney interview with ABC News in which the Republican presidential candidate was asked if he had ever paid a lower tax rate than 13.9 percent. The narrator asks, “Did Romney pay 10 percent in taxes? Five percent? Zero?”
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