Pelosi Goodwill Tour: GOP Wants E-Coli In Drinking Water

Pelosi-Republicans Part of "E.Coli Club"
H/T to Shark-Tank.net

Nancy Pelosi, in Boca Raton, Florida to campaign for Congressional candidate Lois Frankel, former mayor of W. Palm Beach, told a group of Floridians that Republicans are "part of the e.coli club", claiming that they don't want to spend money on clean water.

First thing: How incompetent a candidate is Lois Frankel that she has a stuttering, stammering Nancy Pelosi babble on interminably in order to rally your supporters?

Second: Even Nancy Pelosi doesn't believe this crap! She, as well as others know that drinking water is not only safe, but far above the standards in 99.9% of communities for what is considered to be safe and free from bacteria and disease.

This is not a new tactic for Democrats.  In fact, is is all too common, to the point that most people are finally getting wise to their bull crap.  Kind of like 'chicken little'. The idea that "eeeevil" Republicans want to poison people, including themselves and their families apparently, is asinine on its face.  Yet, the Pelosi's of the world continue to march around spouting the same lies out of the same old liberal playbook.

Listening to Nancy Pelosi blather on about this does lead me to believe that there is something in her water.  My guess is Scotch.


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