Rabbi Arrested For Performing Ritual Circumcision

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That a German Rabbi has been arrested for performing a ritual circumcision is alarming enough.  That it is happening in Germany is downright scary.  The history of the Jews in Germany is well documented, so you would think that authorities would be especially sensitive to the Jews in regards to their rituals and tenets.

That there are some people who are opposed to circumcision is nothing new.  San Francisco has a rather vocal group opposed to the practice, complete with pamphlets which use Nazi-era imagery to attack the practice.

But, this is not just some guy going and slicing off foreskins for reasons that some may feel is medically unnecessary. To those of the Jewish faith, it is not some nice little outdated ceremony which is performed for tradition.  It is a "covenant with God" which dates back to Abraham.  It is a rite, called a "brit milah" and performed by a trained Rabbi (called a mohel) is central to their faith.

From About.com comes this:

The origin of brit milah can be traced back to Abraham, who was the founding patriarch of Judaism. According to Genesis, God appeared to Abraham when he was ninety-nine years old and commanded him to circumcise himself, his thirteen-year-old son Ishmael and all the other men with him as a sign of the covenant between Abraham and God.

Lately, we hear a lot about a so-called "war on women", a trumped-up issue that is being pushed for purely political reasons.  But more and more often, we are seeing full frontal assaults on Judaism and Christianity.  This story, people arrested for holding Bible studies in their home, a lawsuit to remove crosses, another lawsuit to remove a Banner which says "Heavenly Father" because it "offends" some poor little dear in high school (bless her heart), and many other examples are becoming rampant.

This may be a story about only one Rabbi, but freedom-loving people, whether you are religious or not, need to stand up and say that enough is enough!

We've seen this happen before.

Posted on August 22, 2012 at 10:59am by Erica Ritz

Bavarian prosecutors have outraged the Jewish community after filing criminal charges against a German rabbi for performing a ritual circumcision, alleging the practice could constitute grievous bodily harm.

“The charges laid against a Jewish religious leader for performing a fully legal action is outrageous and a very troubling escalation, sending a deeply problematic message…” European Jewish Congress President Dr. Moshe Kantor said.
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