Left Blames Usual Patsies In Wisconsin Sikh Shooting

Posted by Brian

Michelle Bachmann, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck are targeted by the left as "responsible" for the actions of a reported  'white supremacist' in Wisconsin over the weekend.  Once again, the actual shooter is not to blame, but conservative radio (Limbaugh and Beck), and the Tea Party (Michelle Bachmann).  The only thing surprising about allegations are - no wait! NONE of this is surprising!  This reaction is the new normal from those on the left.  Shootings. Natural disasters. Hot weather. Cold weather. Floods.  Whatever the tragedy, somehow, someway, the left will vomit out their accusations.  It's a reflex.  Those on the left have been so conditioned to these things, that evidence is not only not needed, it's not even sought after.  Even after being proven wrong (the Aurora shooting, Gabby Giffords), hard-core leftists are incapable of coming off of their reflexive attacks.  They double-down!

While blaming Michelle Bachmann for this attack, claiming that it is because of her calls to investigate persons in our government who have ties to the terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood, it completely escapes them that Sikh's are not Muslim, but a monotheistic Indian religion founded in the Punjab area of India.

Attacks like this on Limbaugh are par for the course.  He's been blamed for everything from the OK, City bombing in the 90's, to Columbine, and now this.  Rush Limbaugh has even been blamed for rising threats against Democrat lawmakers. It never even occurs to them that most of these types of things are from people who are just plain nuts!  It also doesn't enter their pea-brains that some of these threats and acts might just come from some of those on the left (Shock!) who have felt betrayed by promises of a far-left socialist utopia which have not happened yet. Say, like the Occupy Oakland protestors smashing a window at Obama Headquarters in downtown Oakland.  Even that was blamed on "right-wing violence" by those on the left!  Really?!  The Occupy movement is a bunch of right-wing Tea Party types? It has become laughable, the depths to which the left has sunk.

It will be interesting to follow all the talking heads on the news shows, twisting themselves into pretzels, as they attempt to get a leg up on all of their colleagues to try to "understand" the mind of the disturbed, and apparently racist, individual who shot up this Sikh Temple, and then place the blame on the gun, talk radio, conservatives, or some other external entity - anyone but the actual shooter!  This will of course just add more fuel to the fire of those on the anti-gun bandwagon.

Meanwhile, those of us on the "hate-filled right" will pray for the innocent victims of this horrible tragedy, recognize that there are sick and evil people in this world, that is those people who are responsible for their own actions, and give more people the "tools" to protect themselves and their neighbors, as the Founders so wisely recognized.

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