Muslims Chant "AllahuAkbar" After Car Bomb Kills 21 Christians

The Coptic Community in Egypt is paying in blood for their religious beliefs. The radical Muslims are out in force practicing Jihad against innocent men women and children. This happened less than 24 hours ago in Egypt. Listen to their chants - it's clearly recorded.

Eyewitnesses confirmed that security forces guarding the church withdrew nearly one hour before the blast, leaving only four policemen and an officer to guard such a big church and nearly 2000 people attending the midnight mass. "Normally they would have waited until the mass was over," said el-Gezeiry. He also commented on the Muslim's schadenfreude at the massacre at the church, who were heard chanting "Allah Akbar."

"Is this a victory?" He asks. "Whoever saw this fire and people dying and body parts all over the place and could still chant 'Allah Akbar' is a terrorist."
h/t Act! for America

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