Cohen Defends Comparing Republicans To Nazi's

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Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) get grilled by CNN's Anderson Cooper about Cohen's comparing Republicans to Nazi's.  Cohen, who recently wrote and op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal about getting away from using incendiary rhetoric, bobs and weaves his way through the interview, finally announcing "I was right".  Even after being played a clip of Rep. Cohen comparing Tea Partiers to the Ku Klux Klan, he does not back down from either the KKK or the Nazi remarks.  This clown is representative of many of those on the left who attack conservatives and Republicans for remarks they deem unsavory or incendiary, some with merit, but who refuse to to take responsibility for their own statements or criticize those on the left who make similar, or in some cases, much worst statements.
I am not particularly offended one way or the other when political rhetoric gets heated.  It is just that - rhetoric.  I do take some joy out of pointing out the hypocrisy of those individuals who feign outrage, and then partake of the same behavior.
For that matter, AndersonCooper is a bit of a hypocrite in all of this as well.  He was one of the first, and possibly the first, to use the sexual perjorative "Tea Bagger" when referring to the Tea Party.  Pretty selective outrage by Anderson Cooper, as well.

And now, Anderson Cooper with a "Tea Bagging" comment:

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