Greenpeace Founder: Today's Environmentalism About Anti-Capitalism and Globalization

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Science Has Been Politicized: Environmentalists Promoting Policies That Are Harmful to the Environment

Patrick Moore, the co-founder of the environmental organization Greenpeace, blasted today's environmentalists as being driven by big money and left-wing ideology, resulting in environmental policies which are actually harmful to the environment, and put both humans and nature in jeopardy.  Appearing with Stuart Varney on "Varney and Co." on the Fox Business channel, Mr. Moorelaid spoke out against the politicization of the science community, claiming that they are driven by greed, in the form of huge grants, and political goals.  He also stated that there are a number of environmentalists who are disturbed by the modern environmental movement, and that it bases much of its "science" on computer models, with which the programming can be manipulated to present pre-determined apocalyptic outcomes. These results are then published and presented to the public as a crisis which needs immediate attention and, of course, lots of money to reverse.  He says that today's environmentalists refuse to consider nuclear power as an alternative source of energy, despite the fact it is a clean technology, as a way to wean us off of fossil fuels. I wonder if the mainstream media will pick up on what this man is saying, introducing his message to a wider audience, instead of relegated to a business channel on cable television?

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