2nd Amendment Alert! Dems Pushing New Gun Control Legislation

Posted by Brian
It took 48 hours.  Two days for the liberals to use the shooting in Tuscon as an excuse to put tighter restrictions on gun laws.  This was so predictable.  Time to saddle up and start lobbying Congress to kill this bill.  The Democrats are the masters of incrementalism.  This is one more step to banning guns, and this event is custom ordered for them to take advantage of the act of a deranged person to cram through one more thing to weaken the 2nd Amendment.  Always watch the other hand.

Lautenberg to reintroduce gun-ban bill

By Daniel Strauss - 01/10/11 05:52 PM ET

One of the Senate's most outspoken advocates of tighter gun restrictions said he plans to introduce language banning the type of supplemented gun clips that the shooter in Arizona used on Saturday. 
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