Clyburn: Dumbass Trifecta for the Week

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It's too bad that they don't allow you to bet on politicians saying dumb things.  You could have hit the trifecta with James Clyburn this week. First he insinuates that Congress reading the Constitution might have provoked the shooting spree in Tuscon, and as a knee-jerk reaction, moves to revive the "Fairness Doctrine, an assault on free speech.  Then he complains about having to go through airport security and "being treated like everybody else." Now he attacks Sarah Palin for not having the intellectual capacity to understand "what's going on here", in regards to the shooting in Tuscon.  Sarah Palin gets it just fine, Congressman.  She gets that she was "targeted" by the media and those on the left as somehow being responsible for the actions of a raving lunatic.  She has been libeled by a press that took a tragedy and tried to place the blame on her and anything or anyone else but the shooter. It is Clyburn and many of those on the left who's intellectual capacity to grasp things that should be in question.  Based on his statements just from this week, it is becoming crystal clear to me why Pelosi and Steny Hoyer didn't let this guy speak to the media very much in the last Congress, even though he was the third ranked Democrat in the House. He opens his mouth and stupid falls out.

Clyburn: Palin intellectually unable 'to understand what's going on here'

By Michael O'Brien - 01/12/11 08:37 AM ET

A House Democratic leader on Wednesday lashed out at Sarah Palin, accusing the former Alaska governor of being intellectually incapable of understanding why she's faced criticism related to the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.).

Assistant Democratic Leader James Clyburn (S.C.) said Palin had missed the point by releasing a statement Wednesday morning blasting the media for "blood libel" for looking to assign blame in part to her rhetoric after the attempted assassination of Giffords last weekend.

"You know, Sarah Palin just can't seem to get it, on any front. I think she's an attractive person, she is articulate," Clyburn said on the Bill Press radio show. "But I think intellectually, she seems not to be able to understand what's going on here."

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