Are Expectations Too High For Tea Party Candidates?

Posted by Brian
Despite gaining over 60 House seats in November, how successful can the 112th Congress be in rolling back legislation such as ObamaCare, and making deep cuts in the level of Federal spending?  The reality is that Republicans hold a majority in only one house of Congress - the House of Representatives.  The Senate still has a Democrat majority, and a Democrat sits in the White House.  The Republicans should move forward with their goals of repealing ObamaCare , slashing the budget, and promoting a conservative agenda.  Even though much of it won't make it past either the Senate or a Presidential veto, it is important to get all of these politicians votes and words on the record.  If those politicians want to continue to ignore the voters, they do so at their electoral peril in 2012. - Brian

Will Elected Tea Party Candidates Stick to Their Convictions in DC?
Posted on January 16, 2011 at 10:13am by Scott Baker Scott Baker

WASHINGTON (AP) — Welcome to Washington, tea partiers.

Now that they’re freshmen in a GOP-run House, the political movement’s candidates are running smack into the traditions, partisan divisions and powerful competing interests that make it so hard to redirect the government.

Some tea party activists — part of a loose-knit, libertarian-tinged network advocating small government and less federal spending — already are dismayed to see their new lawmakers plunge into familiar patterns of raising political cash, hiring former lobbyists and stopping short of the often-heard vow to “change the way Washington works.”

Others are more lenient and patient.

“There’s a little bit of expectation that they can do more than they really can do,” said Sal Russo, a California-based co-founder of the Tea Party Express. Democrats still control the Senate and White House, he noted in an interview from Wyoming, where he was visiting potential Senate candidates for 2012.

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