American People to Congress: Don't Raise Debt Ceiling

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The American people sent a strong message to Congress in November, and are now sending another one: Live within your means! Unwilling to send any more of their money to Washington, American's are now saying to cut government instead of continuing to balance the budget on the backs of the taxpayers.  Congress has used the taxpayer as their own personal ATM machin, and we're fed up.  Cut programs and projects that aren't needed. Eliminate whole departments if need be.  The gravy train is over.

71% Of Americans Oppose Raising the Debt Ceiling
Ed Morrissey  h/t Hot Air

Has the mainstream gone Tea Party, or the Tea Party gone mainstream?  Despite warnings from the White House of the “deeply irresponsible” nature of “play[ing] chicken” with the national debt-limit ceiling, a Reuters poll of adults shows almost three-quarters of Americans opposed to further increases in the statutory borrowing cap.  But consensus gets smaller on what to cut instead (via Quite Normal):

Some 71 percent of those surveyed oppose increasing the borrowing authority, the focus of a brewing political battle over federal spending. Only 18 percent support an increase.

The poll underscores the tough task ahead for U.S. lawmakers as the debt nears its current ceiling of $14.3 trillion. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner last week warned that a failure to raise the borrowing limit in the coming months could lead to “catastrophic economic consequences”.

Republicans, who won control of the House of Representatives in November on a promise to scale back government, hope to pair any debt-ceiling hike with a commitment from President Barack Obama to reduce long-term spending.

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