So, Exactly What Does Constitute Tyranny?

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Posted by Brian
To paraphrase a union chant: What does tyranny look like? This is what tyranny looks like!
When others can tell you what to eat, how many calories it can have in it, and how big the portions have to be, how is this not a form of tyranny?  I don't care if this is the health department or a Fatties United (F.U.) meeting.  As an individual, you should be the one dictating what goes into your body, not some do-gooder who claims that they are just trying to "help" you.  This is also a lesson in why it is a dangerous idea when government takes over health care.  By dictating what the "right foods" are to eat, and any number of other "behaviours" that may or may not be unhealthy, the government is given a defacto license to be tyrannical. If they own your body, then they own you.
Government health care hasn't even been fully implemented, and we are seeing kind of rules that can be imposed on individuals.  When one individual, or group of individuals, can dictate to other individuals what they can eat...well, if it walks like a Marxist and talks like a Marxist...

No Fry Zone: NYC Health Dept. Bans Fried Food at Work Meals

Posted on April 5, 2011 at 10:56am by Jonathon M. Seidl
h/t to The Blaze

No French fries. Or freedom fries for that matter.

The New York City Health Department has issued new guidelines banning fried foods from its work-sponsored meals, telling employees to cut bagels and muffins in half, and saying that if cakes are served for a celebration, they can’t be coupled with cookies. According to the Health Department, it’s about being consistent.

The Daily News explains:  READ MORE HERE--->

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  2. @anonymous - Thanks so much for the kind words. Thugh this blog is just a means for me to vent at those things I find to be government over reach, and in a larger sense, some of the horrble ways in which we treat each other, I appreciate it when it can make someone see things from a different perspective. Again, thanks.