SEIU Looks Just Like The Tea Party!

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Public Sector Unions Getting More Violent

SEIU Protestors - Don't They Look Just Like Tea Partiers?
 The asinine accusation perpetrated by the media, that the Tea Party is made up of a bunch of violent, gun-toting, potential domestic terrorists, is usually countered by proclaiming union and leftist protests as being "celebratory". Well, the "celebratory" SEIU just had 17 party-goers arrested while trying to storm the Washington governors office.

These public employee unions,, as they get more bold, are also becoming more and more violent.  There have been arrests in a number of these protests, including Wisconsin and now Washington.  These unions claim to be "protecting" their members, and more ridiculously, carrying on the legacy of Martin Luther King, In reality, these public sector unions are only interested in gaining more and more power while simultaneously bankrupting the states in which they operate, all on the back of the taxpayers.

Let's be clear.  Public sector unions should not have collective bargaining power.  Private sector unions are a separate issue as they negotiate with private companies and CEO's.  Their negotiations are based on what the company can, or can't afford.  Public sector unions are negotiating with politicians, leveraging taxpayer money, to essentially hold government services, and thus the taxpayers, hostage to what they feel they "deserve".  The unions are given what they want by these politicians (great salaries, medical benefits, retirements), and in return the unions donate huge sums to these "friendly" politicians from money collected through union dues, which were confiscated from its members.  I say confiscated because in many of these state jobs, you are required to be in the union.  Not very democratic for a bunch that say "this is what democracy looks like".

Generally, these people want the taxpayer (their neighbors) to give them salaries that exceed what their neighbors make, top-of-the-line medical and dental plans, and cadillac retirement plans.  Oh yeah, and they want to pay next to nothing into these.  They want their neighbors to. while their neighbors in the private sector,  make less, struggle to pay their rent or mortgage, buy their own insurance, and pay into their own retirement, all after they pay federal/state/property/local taxes, they want them to pay for their pay and benefits too!

The public sector unions think we should just suck it up and give them what they want.  After all, we benefit from the 2-3 hours waits at the DMV, the great customer service we get when we call any government office and get put on hold for interminably long times, and the genuine feeling that they really care about your issues when you go to government office for help or assistance.

The problem is that we don't have any more to give.  We can't afford more taxes to pay for what they feel is their "right" to have.  This is the problem with the leftists. To them everything is a "right" if they want it - higher pay, retirement pay that pays as much or more than when they were actually working, cradle-to grave benefits.  And they want you and me to pay for it.

States and citizens are finally starting to realize this and are fighting back.  As such, the unions are also fighting back, a little like animals that are cornered, becoming more and more frantic, and thus violent.

Now is the time to keep up the pressure and keep moving forward.  At the same time, we need to communicate that our fight is with the union leaders and instigators, and not the rank and file member.  The union leadership is about power - political power.  Their members are for the most part, simply pawns in a much bigger game.  A game which will bring them down along with the rest of us.

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