Obama Federal Disaster Aid: Red States Need Not Apply

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When President Obama ran for office 3 years ago he spoke of coming together as a nation. He said that there are no red states or blue states, but that we are the United States of America.  Yet Texas, which has been devastated by wildfires and tornadoes for weeks, is getting the cold shoulder from the administration. Obama not only lost Texas to John McCain in the 2008 election, but also lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton in the primary, though he walked away with the majority of the Democratic Texas delegates, a sore point with Clinton supporters who claim chicanery by Obama operatives. His cool relationship with Governor Perry of Texas is well known. Regardless, Obama's relationship with Texas voters is tenuous at best. For a candidate who ran on a platform of reaching across the aisle, withholding disaster aid is a curious strategy. Remember: No Red. No Blue. Only Americans.  His words.
I guess in Obama-world, federal aid is only for those that bend over and grab their ankles in the presence of the annointed one. Consider this iron-fisted approach as a warning shot across the bow of other states who may consider crossing El Presidente Obama.

Messing With Texas, Chicago Way

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Politics: Asked last week why he's so unpopular in Texas, the only thing our president could say was "Republicans." Now that Texas has been lashed by tornadoes, his curious refusal to aid the state suggests the depth of his dislike.

Two weeks ago, Texas Gov. Rick Perry pleaded with the president in a 16-page letter to declare a large number of Texas counties disaster areas after historic wildfires ravaged over a million acres across the state, burning 350 homes and killing three.
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