MO University Course Teaches Tactics In Industrial Sabotage, Communism

"Get your membership informed, united and militant." So says the instructor of this college "course", which is  essentially a Saul Alinsky 'Rules for Radicals' how-to course.  This is only 1 course, but I wonder how many other courses at universities across the country are teaching students to essentially plan and commit lawless acts in order to bring about a Marxist "power shift".  What are your kids studying in college - and who is teachimg them?
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Union Leaders Teach Labor Studies Courses on Communism, Violence, Industrial Sabotage & Frying Cats

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Monday, April 25th at 4:00PM EDT

The University of Missouri has an expansive $1.9 billion enterprise with an operating budget of $500 million which, according to its website, 37%  comes through state appropriations. While the University’s Institute of Labor Studies may only be a small fraction of its budget, one must wonder why tax dollars are being used to fund a program that espouses Communism, teaches tactics in industrial sabotage (including stalking CEOs, using members to insinuate sabotage, as well as the killing of cats), and convincing union members that their “group goals” are more important than their individual goals.

READ MORE HERE---> http://www.redstate.com/laborunionreport/2011/04/25/union-leaders-teach-labor-studies-courses-on-communism-violence-industrial-sabotage-frying-cats/

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