Burning Quran Much Worse Than Burning The Bible

Posted by Brian
"Hardball" Guest Bobby Ghosh Helped Perpetrate Hiditha "Massacre" Hoax

MSNBC's Hardball  program chose to have Bobby Ghosh as a guest to discuss the violence that has erupted over the decision of Florida pastor to put on trial, and burn a copy of the Quran.  Ghosh in explaining (defending?) the violent reaction of the Islamists in Afghanistan, explained that burning the Quran is much worse than burning the Bible because "the bible is a book written by men" and the Quran is "directly the word of God".  Chuck Todd, who was filling in for Chris Matthews, says later in the video that "Mr. Ghosh "has it exactly right".  He never challenges Ghosh on a single thing, but merely goes along with each point.
Actually Mr. Todd and Mr. Ghosh, Christians do believe that the Bible is the word of God and divinely inspired.  Yes, it was actually written down by men, but then so was the Quran.   I just have my different beliefs about who it was inspired by.
As for the Ghosh character - he is one of the writers at Time magazine who perpetrated the extremely damaging story of the so-called Haditha massacre during the Iraq war - a report that was later proven false, but not until after it had its desires effect. 
It damaged President Bush, helped keep the pressure on to turn public opinion against the war, and created even more ill-will towards our troops overseas.

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This is what passes for balance on this pathetic show and network.  With seemingly no journalistic curiosity, or hard-hitting questions, and certainly no challenging of guests when they make asinine comments, I still don't understand why they call this show Hardball.  With Chris Matthews' thrills up his leg, and apparent infatuation with the anointed one, perhaps a more apropos name for the show would be Hard-On with Chris Matthews.

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