Gas Prices: Dems Blame You!

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The Road To $7 Gas

Back in 2008, when gas prices briefly cracked the $4 mark, Nancy Pelosi told the American people that the high prices were the result of have "two oil men in the White House". Now that gas prices are approaching the $4 national average, and have gone over $4 in some states, Pelosi and the Democrats are strangely silent. Well, almost.
President Obama, when asked at a recent town hall meeting about gas prices, made light of the man and his question by laughing and telling the man that if he's driving a car getting 8 mile per gallon, maybe he should go out and buy a hybrid.  In other words, it's your fault if your spending a lot on gas! Quite the contrast to Bill Clinton's "I feel your pain".

This President doesn't feel your pain, and has no intention of trying.  He is a cold and calculating.  The bottom line is this: He enjoys that gas prices are skyrocketing.  It fits right into his overall energy agenda.  Remember, then-Senator Obama stated in January 2008: "Under my plan of cap and trade, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket". Whether it be electricity or gasoline, Obama wants the prices to increase - dramatically.  Recently he stated that he wasn't concerned about gas prices going up, only that he was surprised how quickly it happened.
While he is making deals with Brazil to be a major exporter and drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, he is also loaning $2.84B to Columbia for expanding and upgrading refineries. Meanwhile, he and his administration are handcuffing oil companies from drilling, and building or upgrading refineries here in the U.S.
Now Obama has tapped what has become a politically tainted Justice Department to, surprise(!), investigate the oil companies for gouging the public on gas prices. This is the identical tactic that Democrats have used in the past, when gas prices go up.  In every case, the investigations find that gouging has not occurred by the companies.
In all of his Alinsky-like glory, Obama has created a crisis and is now using the oil companies as his bogeyman, with the full knowledge that the media will dutifully demonize the companies as being at the root of the problem.  Already we are hearing of the "obscene" profits being reported by the oil companies, with absolutely zero context as to the actual profit margin, or what would be even more shocking, how much the government takes in in taxes from gasoline sales.

The left in this country uses the oil companies to further their leftist agenda, pitting them against the public to gain support for even higher taxes on both us and the oil companies. Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said that the oil companies make huge profits while paying no taxes.  This is a lie, but is in keeping with all the other lies that statists tell to dupe the public.  The facts are that oil companies pay $86 million in taxes and production fees per
day to the government.  They pay, on average a 41% tax, as compared to a 26% rate to other S&P industrial companies.
Our high gas and energy prices are a direct reflection of this President and his socialist policies.  He is about "hope and change" alright. He "hopes" that he can convince the American people to become so hostile towards the oil companies and to blame them for high energy prices that they will demand he do something.  Anything.  His "change" will be a state takeover of the companies, ala Hugo Chavez and Venezuela.
Another brick will have been placed on his way to building a socialist utopia.
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