CA Rep. Sanchez Mocks Tea Party Republicans as Slow with Bigoted Southern Accent

Posted by Brian

Loretta Sanchez, Congresswoman from S. California, is another one of the giant embarrassments of our once-great state.  This troll was elected under dubious circumstances in 1996, defeating Bob Dornan by 984 votes. I say dubious because there were numerous reports of voter fraud alleged, including: activists going into minority neighborhoods registering non-citizens and providing absentee ballots that had already been filled out for Sanchez.  A House of Representatives investigation turned up 547 illegal ballots, which was not enough to turn the election to Dornan.  But a later investigation by INS determined that as many as 4023 votes were cast for Sanchez by illegal voters.

She has also used her position to pursue a married Army Officer, John P. Einwechter, whom she is now (surprise!) engaged to. This relationship also leads to a rather stick ethics conundrum for Sanchez, as Einwechter has represented Hechler and Koch firearms, used by Homeland Security.  Guess what Committee Sanchez sits on? Homeland Security, over which Sanchez has oversight.

Then, of course, is Sanchez' election campaign last year, which she turned into a racial contest between herself and her opponent Van Tran, saying on Univision that the Vietnamese were trying to take her seat from her.

Now she comes out portraying new Tea-Party backed Republican colleagues as a bunch of slow, backward rednecks.

Loretta Sanchez is really in no position to be talking down to Tea Partiers, as her moral compass doesn't exactly point true north.  She is one more example of the elitist, racist, morally repugnent pigs that make up so much of the current Democratic politicians today.
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