Elena Kagan: "Income Should Be Treated As If It Were Government Property"

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The above statement says as much about Barack Obama as it does about Elena Kagan.  It is how the President sees things, so it only makes sense that he nominate someone who reflects how he sees the world.
This statist was allowed to be confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court, the highest court of law in the land, because of the completely impotent Republican leadership.  Their inability to ask even one substantive question, or to attempt to expose her radical statist views, means that we have this Marxist sitting on the Supreme Court for the rest of her life! Republicans completely rolled over when Kagan came before the Senate for the 'advice and consent' portion of the process.  Republican's were not going to block her nomination, no matter what, and she knew it.  The hearings looked more like the coming out party for a debutante than a serious hearing to find out what the nominee's judicial philosophy was, and whether it was even constitutionally-based.
EDITORIAL: Kagan’s government money grab
By THE WASHINGTON TIMES -The Washington Times
Obama team makes feds, not citizens, supreme
When President Obama outlines his tax-increase plan on Wednesday, it’ll be based on the liberal assumption that all money belongs to the government, with Americans retaining only what bureaucrats allow. That’s the dangerous argument Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, an Obama appointee, made last week in a case on education funding.

Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization v. Winn involved a tuition tax credit whereby Arizonans can contribute to groups providing scholarships for private schools. Some cranks argued that because the scholarships can be used at religious schools, the tax credit amounted to unconstitutional government support for religion. The Supreme Court majority ruled that the complainants didn’t have legal standing to sue because none of their own tax money was being funneled to religious organizations
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