Black Chamber Of Commerce President: Obama "Fanatical" & "Marxist", "Wrecking The Economy"

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Harry Alford Says He Voted For Obama Because He's Black, Now Regrets It

Harry Alford, President and CEO of the Black Chamber of Commerce, has led the NBCC to a being powerful voice in Washington on behalf of African American business empowerment. According to his management bio on the NBCC web site, "His courage and leadership have been noted by all in the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina." A big man, with a larger personality and presence, he is both a motivator to those he champions, and an imposing figure to those he sees as standing in the way of economic progress for small business.  He has testified before Congress on behalf of small business, and has been to the White House with some of the brightest business leaders in the country.
He is known for being a straight talker, and is not afraid to speak his mind, whether to other business leaders or to Senators.  Along with many others, Mr. Alford became caught up in the hype and hoopla of Barack Obama in 2008, and voted for him for President.  In all fairness, having John McCain as the other choice made it much easier for him and many other voters to pull the lever for Obama.
Now, after two and a half years, Mr. Alford is having serious buyers remorse regarding his vote, and is seeing Obama's policies for what they are.  Harmful to business, and dangerous to the securtity of the country.  He discussed this with Laura Ingraham on her nationally syndicated radio show, and pulled no punches on his assessment of Obama's Presidency and policies to this point.
Here is the interview:

Harry Alford's famous exchange with Senator Barbara "Babs" Boxer.  In this video, Boxer attempts to show Mr. Alford that he should support climate change legislation because the NAACP supports it, infering that "Look! Other black are supporting it. How come you don't."  He takes offense, as he should.  This is racism at its most subtle and insidious, as the assumption is that all blacks think alike and march in lockstep. 
In addition, note Senator Boxer's tone of voice.  It is condescending, and comes across as if she is speaking to a child. 
Alford calls out Boxer in this famous video (below).

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