President still wants to tax and spend his way to prosperity

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EDITORIAL: Obama’s honesty deficit
By THE WASHINGTON TIMES - The Washington Times

President Obama outlined what he called a framework for deficit reduction Wednesday. It was a tacit admission that his 2012 budget submission did not go far enough. That shows Republicans succeeded in seizing the initiative with their own comprehensive, pro-growth proposal to restore America’s solvency. Mr. Obama’s flimsy “me, too” smacks of desperation.

The White House describes its latest plan as “comprehensive” and “pro-growth” but that’s deceptive. The GOP used the phrases to describe House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s package of discretionary spending cuts, entitlement reforms and tax relief. Mr. Obama hijacked the words to describe a combination of illusory spending cuts and very real tax hikes. Worse, Mr. Obama’s so-called deficit-reduction plan includes a laundry list of spending increases needed to “win the future.” The priorities in the president’s WTF strategy are windmills and solar panels, “high-speed” Amtrak and trolleys, federalized education and Pell Grants.

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