Obama Administration: GOP Cuts Would Kill 70,000 Kids

Posted by Brian
The Democrat playbook never changes.  Any cuts to the budget that the GOP proposes is inevitably met with one of the following:
  • Republicans want to kill/starve children.
  • Republicans want to kill/starve the elderly.
  • Republicans want to pollute the air/streams/oceans/planet.
  • Republican plans will hurt women, children, and minorities hardest.
The only thing more predictable is that the Democrat answer to nearly everything is to raise taxes and increase government spending.  Apparently, only the government know how best to spend money.  The rest of us are just a bunch of idiots who would only waste our money buying "stuff" that we don't need anyway (in thier opinion).
The  sheer arrogance of these "public servants" (Remember.  They are supposed to work for us) is breathtaking.  We have a $3.7 TRILLION budget, and they are squealing like stuck pigs about cutting less than 1% of that.  While the Democrats are utterly predictable in their response, The GOP leadership is predictably weak-kneed in their response to all of this.  John Boehner and Eric Cantor have taken to attacking conservatives and the Tea Party, the people who swept them into power with one of the biggest electoral victories in 70 years.  Conversely, they are pulling a Rodney King with the Democrats, wanting to 'just get along" and compromise on a budget that is so far out of balance that it may take decades to recover from.  Three years ago the Democrats were screaming about Bush's $400 Billion deficit.  Since Obama has taken office the Democrats racked up yearly deficits of $1.2 Trillion and $1.7 Trillion.  Still, the Republican leadership(?) can't find its voice to make a common sense argument to the American people on this, or to stand up to this Democratic thug cabal, and say "enough is enough".
2010 was an electoral bloodbath for the Democrats (a little violent rhetoric for you left-wing, PC metrosexuals out there), but unless some of these GOP leaders and some of the rank-and-file types start showing some progress towards what the voters elected them for, there will undoubtedly be some of these weak-kneed types get swept up in the wash.  Harry Reid May declare the Tea Party dead, but if he and the GOP leadership really think that...they ain't seen nothin' yet.

READ THE ARTICLE: http://swampland.blogs.time.com/2011/03/31/obama-administration-gop-cuts-would-kill-70000-kids/#ixzz1ICrFpt00
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