SEIU Protestors Take Over Bank in PA

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Posted by Brian
When will the lamestream media start to cover some of this?  Oh, that right.  It's only the Tea Party that is "dangerous".  In this episode, the union agitators are demanding that worked be forced to become part of the  union membership and pay dues.  Do you ever wonder why those on the left always seem to be in favor of forcing people to pay for this or for that?  Everybody should be forced to pay for health care.  Everybody should be forced to join the union - and to pay dues.  As union membership drops, they become more panicked.  At this point they are acting more like a cornered animal, when they are at their most dangerous.  They are resorting to vicious verbal attacks, physical violence, and making death threats to politicians.  These scumbags need to be totally defeated.
I am not speaking of the average union worker.  Nor am I saying that all unions are bad.  Unions do have their place.  I am talking about the current leadership of some of these unions, most notably SEIU, the NEA, AFL-CIO, and a few others.  These unions are now being run by hard-core marxists and socialists. They are unconcerned with the rank and file union member.  They are concerned with power and money, with their ultimate goal a fundamental transformation (Gee. Where have I heard that before?) of the U.S into a socialist country.
Please pay attention, educate yourself and those around you.


Video: SEIU Protesters Take Over Bank HQ to Protest CEO
Posted on March 21, 2011 at 5:31pm by Meredith Jessup

About 80 medical workers and their union representatives took two yellow school buses to the headquarters of ESSA Bank in Stroudsburg, Pa., last Wednesday. The SEIU demonstrators weren’t there to complain about the bank. Instead, they demanded to meet with bank president and CEO Gary Olson who also chairs the Pocono Medical Center board of directors.

SEIU represents the hospital’s service workers. A portion of the hospital’s 550 service employees — technicians, laborers, housekeepers — are currently on a three-day strike, demanding that management allow them to makes union membership and dues-paying compulsory.
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