Obama: Don't Vilify Public Employees, No Mention Of Protestors' Violence and Hate-Speech

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President Obama, speaking to the National Governor's Association , told his audience that "it doesn't do anybody any good when employees are denigrated or vilified". Speaking of pay and benefits, he went on to say that we are not going to "attract the bravest Americans, who put their lives on the line, like policeman or firefighters, if we don't properly reward that bravery".  I can't disagree with that.  He must mean brave police officers like the Cambridge police officer who had the run in with the university professor.  If I recall correctly, when asked of the incident, he threw the police under the bus, saying they "acted stupidly", before he had any knowledge or facts.  Of course, this led to the infamous "beer summit", in which Obama brought the police officer and the professor together to attempt to smooth over his having spoken so stupidly.

The more this guy speaks, the more crystal clear he makes it how far to the left he really is.  He has inserted himself into the Wisconsin protests, not because he gives a crap about the teachers, but because he is bought and sold by the unions.  Every socialist/Marxist/ Maoist group in the country are at these rallies, which are spreading out across the country at a fever pace, and the President has made it crystal clear whose side he is on - and it's not the American people's side.
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