Police: Teen Pistol-whipped Mom for Sports Car

Unfortunately, I am not "shocked" by this story. It is indicative of the entitlement mentality of too many people in this country. My guess is that this girl became angry, not just because her mom wouldn't co-sign, but because she wanted the car, it was her "right" to be able to have it. The definition of a "right" has been so twisted, that what we used to call a "want" has now morphed into a "right". Our housing and financial collapse had its genesis in the left's completely asinine argument, which people bought into, that everybody has a "right" to "own" a home. This concept has been so dumbed down that many young people, and all leftists, now believe that having a job, health insurance, companies paying for their retirement, and even being able to afford an iPhones are all their "right".
I really do wish that this story shocked me.

Posted by Brian

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