Last Saturday, journalism died. The media openly declared war on free speech and the 1st Amendment it was sworn to protect.

Posted by Brian
January 12, 2011

The Media Has Declared... WAR!
By John Fricke

Newsrooms and hospitals have one major thing in common: the "hush" is the loudest thing anyone ever hears. The "hush" is the moment when normal activity stops cold for an announcement of major events that will entirely reshape any usual activity. While both newsrooms and hospitals stop on that kind of news -- and then, following it, race into a whirlwind of overdrive -- the similarities end there.

Hospitals gird for the incoming and the flood of bad news to follow; most newsrooms do not. In a newsroom, tragic events are met with a different vibe: an electric jolt that energizes the room with a sense of self-importance.

The shot of adrenaline that surges through a newsroom is fascinating to watch. After the initial rush, the newsroom is never satisfied. There is a reason why the term "news junkie" exists; there is always the next twist, the next piece of fresh information, the next set of numbers (think of the alcohol shots of "news" that an election night provides with its changing and evolving big story).  READ MORE HERE--->

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