NPR Latina Glad Assassin Was A "Gringo"

I'm not one to be offended by mere words from ignoramuses. I've been called a few choice words in my 50+ years on the planet. But who doesn't think that if this had been a Limbaugh, Hannity, Ann Coulter or other white person and they had used a term like "wetback", and the shooter had been Mexican, that there wouldn't be calls for their firing - or worse. The word "gringo" rolled of her tongue very easily. She used it twice in this piece. Keep in mind that this is a taxpayer funded radio station. For the sake of transparency, I already believe that NPR should be de-funded. Allow it to succeed or fail in the open market. The fact that my taxes are being used to pay for a communication medium that is firmly slanted left, who fires Juan Williams, a principled liberal, because he apparently is not far enough left, is bad enough. To know that it also has someone like Daisy Hernandez on its payroll, who allows racist slang to roll off her tongue with such ease, further buttresses my belief. I wonder if the media will go after Ms. Hernandez with the same zeal that it goes after conservatives. Or Juan Williams. I'll be waiting.

Posted by Brian

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