Like Lemmings, Californian's Are Running Over the Economic Cliff

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Posted by Brian
Most Californians Have Bought Into Global Warming Hook, Line & Sinker
California, which is already in the top-10 for electricity rates in the country, would see huge jumps in their electricy rates with these cars.  If people think that the only ones hit by these increases would be those who own and operate these deathtraps, think again. I've been around this state long enough to know that if these vehicles were to go into mass usage here in the state. it would affect electricity rates across the board.  The increase in consumption would create a power shortage.  This would drive rates up substantially.  But the weenies who buy these things would feel better about themselves. The would delude themselves in to thinking that they are saving the planet, while they are only contributing to the destruction of what used to be one of the most vibrant economies in the world.  This state does not have the power infrastructure to handle in influx of electric vehicles which would seriously put a vise on available power.  California already imports more electricity than any other state in the country.  Our power plants are old and outdated, and barely keep up with demand now.  But don't worry.  The are proposals to build two solar power plants in Central California.  They will only take up 12.5 square miles of some of the most prime agricultural land in the world.  The footprint of these things is astounding.  A nuclear plant, which is carbon neutral for you greenies out there, has a physical footprint which isa fraction of that.  In addition, the cost per Kwh for nuclear power is 2-3 cents per Kwh. And that is for plants that are 25 -30 years old. The newer plants are much more efficient.
California is willingly leading itself into bankruptcy, both at the citizen and the government level.  When California comes to the Federal government for the inevitable bailout, do us a favor - say "Hell No".  - Brian

California may have the highest costs for charging electric vehicles, study says

The state's tiered rate system, in which rates rise as people use more power, could make owning plug-in hybrids and all-electric vehicles more expensive than in other states.

Californians may end up paying the highest electricity rates in the country to charge their electric vehicles, a new study says.

The state's tiered rate system, in which customers are charged higher rates as they use more electricity, could make plug-in hybrid and battery-powered vehicles more costly to own, according to a Purdue University study.

The study was unveiled as the first of the electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles are reaching consumers. Two vehicles, the all-electric Nissan Leaf and the plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Volt, started being delivered to their first customers last month. READ MORE HERE--->

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