Pelosi: Dems Would Have Lost More Seats Without HealthCare

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Pelosi, Maddow, and Weiner - The HealthCare Spin Begins Again

Universal Health Care.  The holy grail of the progressives.  Of this I am certain - the Democrats will not go down without lies, smears, and a scorched earth policy where ObamaCare is concerned.
Appearing on Rachel Maddow, Nancy Pelosi claimed that Democrats would have lost even more seats if they had not rammed ObamaCare down the throats of the American public. Maddow, in her snarky way, sets up the interview talking about some recent polls released by AP and ABC (two really non-biased organizations there) which show support for repeal fading. As I posted yesterday, recent polls have been weighted with more Democrat voters than Republican or Independents. This couldn't skew the numbers at all now, could it?  In addition, there is a great clip from Anthony Weiner, in all of his arrogance and pomposity, ranting on the floor of the House about the "Health Care Fairy".

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