Intellectual Lightweight Ed Schultz Claims Boehner, Not Obama, Ignorant Of American Exceptionalism

Posted by Brian
Ed "Sergeant" Schultz Gets It Wrong Every Time

The odds are that Ed Schultz should get his analysis somewhat correct every once in a while, but time and again this vacuous intellect is one hundred and eighty degrees out of phase with whatever he is analyzing.  He makes the claim that Barack Obama understands American exceptionalism while ignoring the fact that every program that Obama presents is designed to make people more dependent on government and less on themselves.  If a person truly believes in "American Exceptionalism", wouldn't you promote programs that allow individuals the chance to succeed or fail on their own, with minimal government interference.  You wouldn't promote redistribution of wealth.  You would have faith that people are able to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps.  Sure, there need to be some safety nets built in, but they should be finite and of short duration.  Nobody should be in government programs like welfare and food stamps for virtually their entire adult lives.
If Obama believed in "American Exceptionalism" (as well as many politicians on both sides of the aisle), they would cut ALL subsidies - corporate, agricultural, energy - all of them. If you have a good or service that the public wants, let them compete on the free market.  Ethanol would have tanked long ago if it were not for government subsidies, as most people don't want to buy an ethanol infused fuel for the same price as a regular fuel, but gets 10-15% less fuel mileage.  If they can't compete, let the ethanol producers go out of business. Or improve their product to something the people want, at a price they are willing to pay.  But they should not be subsidized on the backs of the American taxpayer.
As usual the doughy-faced one has missed the mark again.

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