Limbaugh Unloads On Media Coverage Of Shooting

An Embarrassment for the Media and the Sick, Desperate American Left
Transcript From "The Rush Limbaugh Show"
What an embarrassing weekend it has been for the media. I mean, utterly, childishly, silly embarrassing. I knew it was going to happen the minute I heard about the shooting. I got on the horn with some people, said, "You wait. It's in the template. It's gonna follow." So predictable, so childish, so immature, and it has led to a number of people making abject fools of themselves. The Sheriff of Pima County has made a fool of himself. I don't know if he knows it yet or not. Most in the State-Controlled Media, the Drive-By Media, are illustrating why we call them "the Drive-By Media." They are literally making fools of themselves to take an incident like this and to try to turn it into a political advantage by accusing people that have nothing whatsoever to do with this sordid, unfortunate event, as accomplices to murder. It's silly on its face.

It is beneath the people who made the attempt, but it's who they are. Now, what they've done is essentially take aim at a majority of the people in this country. A majority of the people in this country identify more with the Tea Party movement than with the Democrat Party today, with liberalism. This is not 1988. This is not 1993 when this program was the only New Media out there and they still had the ability to control the message; they had the ability to suppress the news they didn't want anybody to hear about. They had, frankly, total control over what was news, what wasn't news, and what was commentary on the news. And ever since they have lost that monopoly in the media, they have been their own version, to one degree or another, insane. Now, one of the first acts of insanity is to take an obviously deranged, insane, irrational kid and try to analyze him with sanity and with rationality.
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