Screwed Again! Obama Ignores Federal Law, Cuts Military Pay Raise to 1%

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A mere three months after treating his family to a $100 million Africa vacation, and only several weeks removed from his annual Martha's Vineyard jaunt, President Obama is slashing the annual military pay raise by nearly 50%.

Citing "serious economic conditions affecting the general welfare...we must maintain efforts to keep our Nation on a sustainable fiscal course", Obama informed Congress of his intention to ignore federal laws (yet again) for determining military pay increases.

Of course, Obama has found the taxpayer money to provide $70M in bonuses to IRS agents who used their positions to harass conservative and religious groups, and $2.2 million to study why 75% of lesbians are fat.  Oh, and of course he's preparing to spend untold millions of dollars launching missiles into Syria, despite the disapproval of 80% of Americans, using "his" military.

How does Obama view the men and women of "his" military?

If approved, this will mark the 4th straight year that our service men and women have been given raises less than 1.7% or less, which are even less than those given during the years of the Clinton Presidency, which averaged about 2.5% annually.

Translation: "Let them eat cake".

Original Story:
Obama slashes proposed military pay raise almost in half
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