ZoNation, Colion Noir Expose Sarah Silverman & Hollywood's Condescension and Racism Toward Black Americans

Posted by Brian

Conservative blacks are not taking the racist condescension and hypocrisy of the Hollywood and political left lying down anymore.  Colion Noir, Alfonzo Rachel, Kevin Jackson and others are throwing the left's bullcrap right back at them.

It is with this in mind that Alfonzo Rachel and friends, and Colion Noir completely destroy Sarah Silverman's video of a "Black NRA", pointing out not only its overtly racist point of view, but also the ignorance of the useful idiots she features in it. They also point out how Silverman and others in Hollywood hide behind their "art" or "comedy" to brush aside the racist bile they spew.  This is the same Sarah Silverman who says she was "hurt" by some of the jokes about her age at a recent roast of actor James Franco.  Can you say, "hypocrite"?

Both videos brilliantly highlight how Sarah Silverman uses every racial stereotype of blacks to make them fit her false narrative, as well as the condescension and utter contempt that she and those on the left must have toward blacks just to be able to reach their conclusion about blacks (or any other racial or gender-based group they supposedly "care" about).

What I love about both of these videos is that these men speak to ALL Americans in shining the light of truth on these rats and cockroaches who help foster and then perpetuate the racial/gender/religious/income divisions among Americans.

Well worth the 7 minutes to watch both of these videos.

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