Beating The Odds: How 6 Fed Up "Regular Guys" Beat Mayor Bloomberg's Money and Recalled Two CO Senators

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H/T to The Blaze and NRA News

“There is only so much they can ram down your throat before you end up getting sick of it and spitting it back out.”
Victor Head, Pueblo Freedom and Right grassroots gun group

Colorado voters sent a revolutionary message Tuesday: "Don't Tread On Me".

Sick and tired of politicians ignoring their voice, Colorado voters in two districts targeted and successfully recalled two Senators seen as anti-second amendment, and who actively shut Coloradoans out of any debate on anti-gun legislation.

Though supported by out-of-state money, including hundreds of thousands of dollars from NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Senate President John Morse, and Senator Angela Giron were recalled by voters Tuesday night by a grassroots movement started by a small group of six men who were fed up with politicians ignoring their constituents.

View the video below which shows how and why these average voters were able to beat the odds and take on the political machines of the Senators, the Democrat Party, anti-gun groups, and the personal fortune of the billionaire "Bloomturd", and emerge victorious.

There's a lesson to be gleaned from this!!

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