COWARDS!! GOP Leadership is BUSTED! Using "Tricks" To Fund ObamaCare while Claiming They Oppose It

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Boehner, McCarthy, Cantor - The Unholy Trinity of the House GOP

If what John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, Pete Sessions, and the rest of these slimy scumbags who make up the so-called leadership of the current GOP are currently proposing to ensure ObamaCare is fully funded doesn't piss you off, then you may be part of the problem.
What's worse is that these jerks don't even have the integrity to tell the people they supposedly represent that they actually support ObamaCare.  Instead they are LIARS, using procedural "tricks" to deceive their constituents, claiming one thing while virtually ensuring an outcome exactly opposite of what they say they support, trying to buy political cover from conservatives and the Tea Party.
Red State reported that after Ted Cruz threw the BS flag on this deception, Pete Sessions had a meltdown during a meeting exclaiming his total contempt for Cruz and conservatives.
Pete Sessions (R-TX)
Breitbart News reports a source claiming Eric Cantor is “shopping an idea of passing defund through the House with the CR (continuing resolution), but with a mechanism that would allow it to be decoupled in the Senate, defeated, and then the base CR be passed without coming back to the House.”  Voila! ObamaCare gets funded, and the Republicans have "clean hands"! That is, until word got out what these despicable pieces of crap are dreaming up in the back rooms of the Capital with the ultimate intent being to deceive the People.
My position on this is, regardless of whether they now go through with this after having been found out, that they all be kicked the hell out of Congress in the next election.  If we do not begin to primary these career politicians who will lie to us with straight faces, we will continue to get this same crap, year in and year out.

Read the Original Stories below:

Red State: Ted Cruz Opposes Eric Cantor and Pete Sessions’ “Hug It Out” Plan to Fund Obamacare

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