Ehhhh!! 'The Fonz' Jumps the Shark Again! Pushes For Gun Control as DC Shootings Still in Progress!!

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Henry 'The Fonz' Winkler is apparently an acolyte of Rahm Emmanual  and his "never let a crisis go to waste" philosophy, as he tweeted out his pro-gun control thoughts while some of the victims were still bleeding out.

Henry Winkler, whose Happy Day's character 'Fonzie' was arguably the coolest guy in America for a few years until the famous "jump the shark" episode, couldn't wait for the facts to come out before weighing in.  That he weighed in is not a shock. It was only a matter of time before some Hollywood leftist would. What is shocking is that it appears he beat Michael Moore to the punch.  As of this writing, Moore is still hung up on Syria and Larry Summers removing himself from the FED job.

Winkler isn't as prolific in his bashing of pro-Second Amendment folks as the faux conservative David Frum, who took to Twitter with the following:

Hey!  Frum's entitled to his opinion but don't, as The Blaze did, call him a conservative commentator.  Even Frum has had to admit that his views no longer align with conservatism on everything from  healthcare reform, monetary policy, social spending to aid the unemployed, man-made global warming, and as everyone can see, that pesky old Second Amendment.

What's truly sick is that these ghouls don't have the decency to wait until all the facts are in before turning these types of things into political hot potatoes.  You won't find Frum, Winkler or their ilk, of objectively looking at the numerous killings of young blacks in Washington D.C. or Chicago, and the tough gun control laws they have there which prevent law-abiding citizens the ability to protect themselves in those cities.

Nor will the subject of allowing trained and licensed people to used concealed carry weapons on military and government installations.  I guarantee you, if our trained men and women of the military were allowed to carry their own personal firearms legally on base, incidents like today, or the Fort Hood shooting either wouldn't occur, or the carnage would be much less if these sicko's knew that nearly everyone on the base was armed..

That would make too much sense.

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