School Suspends Teen After He Tries To Do The Right (and Honest) Thing

More and more, I am starting to really believe that our public school officials are retarded.  Oh! I'm sorry, is that politically incorrect? Tough.  There are millions of us out here getting pretty damn tired of pussy-footing around the edges of issues.  Lets start calling a spade a spade. The pendulum has swung way too far to the other side.
We hear far too often of children getting suspended for completely innocuous behavior.  Some might even say that it is "kids" behavior.  Pointing a finger and saying "bang" gets you suspended.  A kid bringing a plastic 1" toy GI Joe "gun" to school is suspended. Another chews a graham cracker into an "L" shape, and some teacher freaks out saying that he "created a gun" and is suspended.
School administrators and teachers, in their supposed efforts to make school a "safe place both physically and emotionally", implement these "zero tolerance" policies, and leave no room for common sense.  Based on what I have observed with some of these educators at my children's schools, maybe that is also in short supply.  I know it is in the English departments, which seem to be the intellectual ghettos of the public school system.  Maybe it's these teachers who make up the pool from which administrators are chosen. But I digress.
With schools having become the left's favorite petri dish for social experimentation, it is a wonder that thing aren't even worse.  The mixed moral messages which the educational system send our youth. They preach no bullying while denigrating those who have political or religious views which differ from their own. We have to save the owls/seals/polar bears/whales/planet and every other living thing is a responsibility of the entire "global community", yet the killing of babies through abortion is called a private matter and a simple medical procedure to remove unwanted cells, as if the baby is a cancer.  As our own President stated, we don't want to "punish" our kids with the "burden" of the bad choices they've made. It's amazing that any of our kids come out the other end of it with any morality left intact at all.
There are some good , and even great teachers and Principles out there.  But there are far too many who are nothing more that little unthinking automatons who follow the party line, while others are leftist ideologues pushing their own agenda. Both are equally dangerous, and the reason why we see stories like this one, where this young man who has more integrity and backbone than the Principle has ever had, or ever will, gets punished for doing the right thing when literally no one was looking.

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