Father of Navy Yard Marine: "They Had Weapons...But Didn't Have Ammunition"

Posted by Brian

Dan Joseph of Media Research Center TV (MRCTV), doing "man on the street" interviews, came across a gentleman who said his son is a Marine, and who was present at the Washington DC Navy yard on Monday.

Joseph, posing the question, "If you could put in, or take out, one thing in the Constitution, or do one of each, what would it be? How would you change it"  I don't think that the answer was what Dan Joseph expected, as the gentleman first spoke of everyone being "concerned with guns these days", and then told of his son being a Marine who is stationed at the Washington Navy Yard (:24s mark of video), the sight of Monday's shootings.  He then added that the Marines stationed there in the barracks were informed of the shootings early on, when only three had been shot, and that they had weapons, but had no immediate access to ammunition, and thus unable to take action.

It makes no damn sense to have these men and women, trained in firearms and the use of deadly force, hamstrung by a 1993 law which forbids military personnel to carry weapons on military installations, which are the ultimate "Gun Free Zones". 

Perhaps it is time to revisit this law and allowed trained and certified members of the military to carry personal firearms on station. On Monday this law cost 12 innocent people their lives.

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